Surprise! I’m Biased.

As a movie critic, I try my best to remain as objective as possible, because I know not everyone has the same taste in movies as I do. I want to rate movies on technical merits (such as direction, acting, cinematography), originality, plot, and so on– I don’t want to give a movie a bad rating simply because I don’t like the lead actress. However, I am only human. I have prejudices just like anyone else, and they may show through in my reviews from time to time.

For example…

I strongly dislike J.J. Abrams.

I hated “Lost”; I thought it was a hard to watch mess that started strong but lost direction halfway through. When Mr. Abrams was tapped to direct the the new Star Trek movies, I was filled with dread. Though the second film was quite enjoyable, I found the first just awful (weak plot, obvious product placement, that recurring lens flare). With the first of the new Star Wars trilogy debuting at the end of 2015, and Abrams at the helm, I can only hope that he redeems himself. Anyway, he can’t be any worse than George Lucas.

George Lucas and Frankie Coppola
Photo: American Zoetrope

But I digress.

I am usually unimpressed with summer blockbusters or popcorn movies.

Shoot-em-ups, blow-em-ups, rom-coms, etc.– They may put butts in seats and boast high grosses at the box office, but most of the time I skip them. If I’m going to watch a movie, I want to disappear into its world for a couple of hours. I want to care about the characters. I want to feel something. I don’t care how hot the lead actor is or how popular the film’s source material book is. *cough* Fifty Shades of Grey *cough* The most notable exception I’ve made lately was for “John Wick.” Though it was an action movie with a high body count and stereotypical Russian baddies, Keanu Reeves commanded every second of screen time he got. The film’s stylized violence was also very well done and compelling.

I’m not an expert on family films.

I’m not a parent myself, nor do I intend to be, therefore I do not get dragged to see the latest Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks offerings. I probably watch one or two animated films per year; most of them are Japanese anime not suitable for children. In 2014, I saw “Big Hero 6” (which I LOVED) and this year my goal is to see more animated films, so I can expand my repertoire. I also realise that a lot of my readers are parents with small children.

Big Hero 6
Photo: Disney


See you at the movies!

Matti B


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